Potholes and Mailboxes

Potholes and Mailboxes

Potholes Repair

The Kensington Grove HOA is asking residents to report potholes sightings so a list of needed repairs can be made.  The HOA will then talk to the county to determine what and when the potholes can be repaired.

To report a pothole, please send an email to board@kensingtongrovehoa.org.

Mailbox Repairs

The HOA has inspected the subdivision mailboxes and observed numerous non-compliant instances of poorly maintained, or unapproved colored mailboxes. Uniformity of our mailboxes is important to help enhance the beauty of our community. 

Each resident can help by repairing or replacing your mailbox and making sure all pieces are in place and working properly.  The USPS specifications stipulate that mailboxes must meet certain regulations and requirements which includes door and flag operation.

The mailbox post should be straightened if it is leaning and checked against USPS installation recommendations.

Please refer to kensingtongrovehoa.org website for detailed information regarding mailboxes:

April 2020 Mailbox Repair Notice with parts list and color specification

April 2021 Mailbox, Post, Address Replacement cost from a local supplier

To ensure uniformity of mailbox and mail flag colors, the paint brand and colors shown below are encouraged. It is recommended to get a can with a wide tip because it makes it easier to put on.