Below is a list of documents that are important to each resident of Kensington Grove, whether you are building a new house, remodeling that involves the exterior of your house, considering a pergola or gazebo, or making changes to your landscape such as tree removal or a larger project involving significant changes to your landscape. Most projects require the approval of the HOA. Plan to submit the KG Compliance Checklist Form which can be found below. Contact the Board if you are not sure.

Grievance Resolution

All Grievance issues shall be resolved in accordance with Indiana Code, IC 32-25-8.5.

Kensington Grove Plats

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KG Lot Information

Use the table below to search for information pertaining to your lot/address.

Lot NoSectionAddress
1Villages2755 Baywater Court
2Villages2743 Baywater Court
3Villages2731 Baywater Court
4Villages2719 Baywater Court
5Villages2720 Baywater Court
6Villages2732 Baywater Court
7Villages2750 Baywater Court
8Villages2786 Bloomsbury North
9Villages2798 Bloomsbury North
10Villages2810 Bloomsbury North
11Villages2822 Bloomsbury North
12Villages2834 Bloomsbury North
13Villages2846 Bloomsbury North
14Villages2858 Bloomsbury North
15Villages2870 Bloomsbury North
16Villages2882 Bloomsbury North
17Villages5512 Bloomsbury Court
18Villages5524 Bloomsbury Court
19Villages5536 Bloomsbury Court
20Villages5523 Bloomsbury Court
21Villages5511 Bloomsbury Court
22Villages2927 Bloomsbury South
23Villages2915 Bloomsbury South
24Villages2903 Bloomsbury South
25Villages2891 Bloomsbury South
26Villages2879 Bloomsbury South
27Villages2867 Bloomsbury South
28Villages2855 Bloomsbury South
29Villages2843 Bloomsbury South
30Villages2831 Bloomsbury South
31Villages2819 Bloomsbury South
32Villages2807 Bloomsbury South
33Villages2832 Bloomsbury South
34Villages2868 Bloomsbury South
35Villages2880 Bloomsbury South
36Villages2920 Bloomsbury South
37Villages2889 Bloomsbury North
38Villages2857 Bloomsbury North
39Villages2845 Bloomsbury North
40Villages2833 Bloomsbury North
41Villages2802 Bloomsbury South
42Villages2795 Bloomsbury South
43Villages2773 Bloomsbury N Drive
44Crossings2761 Bloomsbury N Drive
45Crossings5531 Chancery Blvd.
46Crossings5519 Chancery Blvd.
47Crossings5507 Chancery Blvd
48Crossings5495 Chancery Blvd
49Crossings5483 Chancery Blvd
50Crossings5471 Chancery Blvd
51Crossings5459 Chancery Blvd.
52Crossings2880 Coventry Lane
58Crossings2892 Coventry Lane
59Crossings2904 Coventry Lane
60Crossings2916 Coventry Lane
61Crossings2928 Coventry Lane
62Crossings2940 Coventry Lane
63Crossings2952 Coventry Lane
64Crossings2964 Coventry Lane
65Crossings2976 Coventry Lane
66Crossings2988 Coventry Lane
67Crossings2985 Abbotsbury Court
68Crossings2973 Abbotsbury Court
69Crossings2961 Abbotsbury Court
70Crossings2949 Abbotsbury Court
71Crossings2937 Abbotsbury Court
72Crossings2925 Abbotsbury Court
73Crossings2913 Abbotsbury Court
74Crossings2901 Abbotsbury Court
75Crossings2889 Abbotsbury Court
76Crossings2900 Abbotsbury Court
77Crossings2912 Abbotsbury Court
78Crossings2924 Abbotsbury Court
79Crossings2936 Abbotsbury Court
80Crossings2948 Abbotsbury Court
81Crossings2960 Abbotsbury Court
82Crossings2972 Abbotsbury Court
83Crossings2984 Abbotsbury Court
84Crossings5504 Westbourne Court
85Crossings5516 Westbourne Court
86Crossings5528 Westbourne Court
87Crossings5541 Westbourne Court
88Crossings5529 Westbourne Court
89Crossings5517 Westbourne Court
90Crossings3002 Aldwych Court
91Crossings3014 Aldwych Court
92Crossings3026 Aldwych Court
93Crossings3038 Aldwych Court
94Crossings3050 Aldwych Court
95Crossings3037 Aldwych Court
96Crossings3025 Aldwych Court
97Crossings3013 Aldwych Court
98Crossings3001 Aldwych Court
99Crossings5467 Westbourne Court
100Crossings5455 Westbourne Court
101Crossings3022 Coventry Lane
102Crossings3034 Coventry Lane
103Crossings3046 Coventry Lane
104Crossings3058 Coventry Lane
105Crossings3070 Coventry Lane
106Crossings3082 Coventry Lane
107Crossings3094 Coventry Lane
108Crossings3095 Coventry lane
109Crossings3083 Coventry Lane
110Crossings3071 Coventry Lane
111Crossings3059 Coventry Lane
112Crossings3047 Coventry Lane
113Crossings3023 Coventry Lane
114Crossings3011 Coventry Lane
115Crossings2999 Coventry Lane
116Crossings2987 Coventry Lane
117Crossings5433 Ashby Court
118Crossings5432 Ashby Court
119Crossings2939 Coventry Lane
120Crossings2927 Coventry Lane
121Crossings2915 Coventry Lane
122Crossings2903 Coventry Lane
123Crossings2891 Coventry Lane
124Crossings2879 Coventry Lane
125Crossings5435 Chancery Blvd.
126Crossings5423 Chancery Blvd.
127Crossings5411 Chancery Blvd.
128Crossings5399 Chancery Blvd.
129Crossings5387 Chancery Blvd.
130Crossings5375 Chancery Blvd.
131Crossings5363 Chancery Blvd.
132Crossings5351 Chancery Blvd.
133Crossings5339 Chancery Blvd.
134Crossings5327 Chancery Blvd.
135Crossings5315 Chancery Blvd.
136Crossings2888 Cromwell Court
139Crossings2912 Cromwell Court
140Crossings5314 Camden Lane
141Crossings5326 Camden Lane
142Crossings5338 Camden Lane
143Crossings5350 Camden Lane
144Crossings5362 Camden Lane
145Crossings5374 Camden Lane
146Crossings5386 Camden Lane
147Crossings5398 Camden Lane
148Crossings5410 Camden Lane
149Crossings5422 Camden Lane
150Crossings5434 Camden Lane
151Crossings5446 Camden Lane
152Crossings5458 Camden Lane
153Crossings5470 Camden Lane
154Crossings5482 Camden Lane
155Crossings5506 Camden Lane
156Crossings5518 Camden Lane
157Crossings5530 Camden Lane
158Crossings5542 Camden Lane
159Crossings5554 Camden Lane
160Crossings5541 Camden Lane
161Crossings5529 Camden Lane
162Crossings5517 Camden Lane
163Crossings5505 Camden Lane
164Crossings5385 Ashby Court
165Crossings5373 Ashby Court
166Crossings5361 Ashby Court
167Crossings5349 Ashby Court
168Crossings5337 Ashby Court
169Crossings5324 Ashby Court
170Crossings5336 Ashby Court
171Crossings5348 Ashby Court
172Crossings5370 Ashby Court
173Crossings5481 Camden Lane
174Crossings5469 Camden Lane
175Crossings5457 Camden Lane
176Crossings5421 Camden Lane
177Crossings5403 Camden Lane
178Crossings5391 Camden Lane
179Crossings5379 Camden Lane
180Crossings2932 Camden Court
181Crossings2944 Camden Court
182Crossings2956 Camden Court
183Crossings2955 Camden Court
184Crossings2943 Camden Court
185Crossings5345 Camden Lane
186Crossings5329 Camden Lane
187Crossings5317 Camden Lane
188Crossings5301 Camden Lane
189Crossings2942 Cromwell Court
190Crossings2954 Cromwell Court
191Crossings2966 Cromwell Court
192Crossings2977 Cromwell Court
193Crossings2965 Cromwell Court
194Crossings2953 Cromwell Court
195Crossings2941 Cromwell Court
196Crossings2929 Cromwell Court
197Crossings2917 Cromwell Court
198Crossings2905 Cromwell Court
200Crossings5291 Chancery Blvd.
201Overlook5279 Chancery Blvd.
202Overlook2896 Nottinghill Way
203Overlook2908 Nottinghill Way
204Overlook2920 Notthinghill Way
205Overlook2932 Nottinghill Way
206Overlook2944 Nottinghill Court
207Overlook5231 Nottinghill Court
208Overlook5207 Nottinghill Court
209Overlook5183 Nottinghill Court
210Overlook5161 Nottinghill Court
211Overlook5139 Nottinghill Court
212Overlook5117 Nottinghill Court
213Overlook5095 Nottinghill Court
214Overlook5073 Nottinghill Court
215Overlook5051 Nottinghill Court
216Overlook5029 Nottinghill Court
217Overlook5030 Nottinghill Court
218Overlook5052 Nottinghill Court
219Overlook5074 Nottinghill Court
220Overlook5096 Nottinghill Court
221Overlook5118 Nottinghill Court
222Overlook5140 Nottinghill Court
223Overlook2913 Aldersgate Dr.
224Overlook2901 Aldersgate Dr.
225Overlook2883 Aldersgate Drive
226Overlook5145 Chancery Blvd.
227Overlook5113 Chancery Blvd.
228Overlook5081 Chancery Blvd.
229Overlook2898 Osterly Court
230Overlook2910 Osterly Court
231Overlook2922 Osterly Court
232Overlook2911 Osterly Court
233Overlook2899 Osterly Court
234Overlook2884 Osterly Court
235Overlook2875 Osterly Court
236Overlook5032 Chancery Blvd.
237Overlook2851 Camberly Court
238Overlook2839 Camberly Court
239Overlook2840 Camberly Court
240Overlook2852 Camberly Court
241Overlook5128 Chancery Blvd.
242Overlook5160 Chancery Blvd
243Overlook5192 Chancery Blvd
244Overlook2882 Aldersgate Dr.
245Overlook2894 Aldersgate Dr.
246Overlook2906 Aldersgate Dr.
247Overlook2918 Aldersgate Dr.
248Overlook2930 Aldersgate Dr.
249Overlook5232 Nottinghill Court
250Overlook2921 Nottinghill Way
251Overlook2909 Nottinghill Way
252Overlook2897 Nottinghill Way
253Overlook5237 Chancery Blvd.
254Overlook5224 Chancery Blvd.
255Overlook2849 Haverstock Circle
256Overlook2837 Haverstock Circle
257Overlook2848 Haverstock Circle
258Overlook2860 Haverstock Circle
259Overlook5278 Chancery Blvd.
260Crossings2873 Shadwell Place
261Crossings2861 Shadwell Place
262Crossings2849 Shadwell Place
263Crossings2837 Shadwell Place
264Crossings2825 Shadwell Place
265Crossings2817 Shadwell Place
266Crossings2811 Shadwell Place
267Crossings5329 Shadwell Court
268Crossings5317 Shadwell Court
269Crossings5304 Shadwell Court
270Crossings5316 Shadwell Court
271Crossings5328 Shadwell Court
272Crossings2780 Coventry Lane
273Crossings2792 Coventry Lane
274Crossings2804 Coventry Lane
275Crossings2816 Coventry Lane
276Crossings2828 Coventry Lane
277Crossings2840 Coventry Lane
278Crossings2852 Coventry Lane
279Crossings2864 Coventry Lane
280Crossings5458 Chancery Blvd.
281Crossings5470 Chancery Blvd.
282Crossings5482 Chancery Blvd
283Crossings5494 Chancery Blvd.
284Crossings5506 Chancery Blvd.
285Crossings5518 Chancery Blvd.
286Crossings5530 Chancery Blvd.
287Crossings5554 Chancery Blvd.
288Crossings5566 Chancery Blvd.
289Crossings2803 Coventry Lane
290Crossings2791 Coventry Lane
291Crossings2767 Coventry Lane
292Crossings2814 Shadwell Place
293Crossings2826 Shadwell Place
294Crossings2838 Shadwell Place
295Crossings2850 Shadwell Place
296Crossings2862 Shadwell Place
297Crossings5362 Chancery Blvd.
298Crossings5376 Chancery Blvd.
299Estates5398 Travis Road
300Estates5402 Travis Road
301Estates5406 Travis Road
302Estates5410 Travis Road
303Estates5480 Travis Road
304Estates5484 Travis Road
305Estates5532 Travis Road
306Estates5536 Travis Road
307Estates5564 Travis Road
308Estates5568 Travis Road
309Estates5633 Stones Crossing Rd
310Estates5635 Stones Crossing Rd