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Fourth of July Fireworks

Residents are reminded that fireworks are not permitted in Common Areas and empty lots. Lot owners may use fireworks on their own property during the following hours in Greenwood:

June 22 - July 3 from 5pm to 2 hours after sunset
July 4 from 10am to midnight
July 5 - July 11 from 5pm to 2 hours after sunset

Community News

About Stormwater Runoff Problems

POSTED June 14, 2022
Heavy rains this spring have resulted often in drainage ditches and swales being inundated with more water than they can handle in a timely manner. Numerous homeowners have inquired if the HOA can do anything to improve the movement of water through these ditches and swales. In response to those inquiries, we offer the following ...Read more

HOA Board Meeting Held June 6, 2022

POSTED June 13, 2022
The KG HOA Board of Directors met Monday, June 6. There were many topics were discussed, and the following are highlights of the meeting: The cause of frequent power issues with the central fountain appears to have been determined. Our contractor is awaiting arrival of parts to repair the fountain. The HOA Board is pleased ...Read more

Central Fountain Warning

POSTED June 7, 2022
Residents are asked to watch the central fountain for vandalism which is costing the HOA money. Trash and mulch have been found in the fountain which has clogged the water pump intake and could end up damaging the pump beyond repair due to insufficient water. Our contractor has had to service the fountain on several ...Read more

Chancery Pond Bank Erosion Control

POSTED May 3, 2022
Steps have been taken to mitigate erosion along the banks of the Chancery Blvd pond.  Residents are asked to be mindful of the treated areas and to stay off the mats where the ground has been repaired and reseeding has been done.

Special Maintenance and Upgrade Projects Planned for this Spring/Summer 2022

POSTED April 12, 2022
Repair of bank erosion on the west side of the Chancery pond; Replacement of damaged lamppost at Aldersgate and Nottinghill Way; Tuckpointing of stone work at each entrance and around the central round-about fountain; Trimming of trees on the northeast property line east of Stones Crossing pond; Installation of three street lights on Kensington Grove ...Read more

Potholes and Mailboxes

POSTED March 10, 2022
Potholes Repair The Kensington Grove HOA is asking residents to report potholes sightings so a list of needed repairs can be made.  The HOA will then talk to the county to determine what and when the potholes can be repaired. To report a pothole, please send an email to board@kensingtongrovehoa.org. Mailbox Repairs The HOA has ...Read more

Snow Removal After the Recent Storm

POSTED February 10, 2022
Some of you have expressed concern about the efficiency of snow removal after a recent snow storm. The Board of Directors of your HOA has reviewed the performance of our vendor and will discuss our concerns with them. Please keep in mind that approximately 10 inches of snow fell from late Wednesday through about 9pm ...Read more

Travis Road Entrance Electrical Problems

POSTED January 6, 2022
The west entrance off of Travis Road has had intermittent lighting problems for a while (including the Christmas lights) and we have had workers looking into it.  The final decision is that the electric cable that runs under the road from East to West is compromised and will be replaced next week.

Community Calendar

Sat, May 14 Annual Community Garage Sale
Mon, July 11 HOA Board Meeting (Learn more)
Mon, August 1 HOA Board Meeting (Learn more)
Mon, September 12 HOA Board Meeting (Learn more)