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Save the Date: Annual Meeting Monday, Oct 23, 2023

This is a reminder that the Annual Meeting will be held in October this year as opposed to January, which had been the time for the meeting in the past. All Lot Owners are invited to attend. Meeting starts at 6:30pm at the White River Township Trustee Office across the street from the Morgantown Road entrance to Kensington Grove.

Community News

HOA Board Meeting Aug 7, 2023

POSTED August 11, 2023
On Monday, Aug 7, the HOA Board of Directors met and discussed several topics of importance. The Travis Road entrance lost two large trees to June’s tornado. Replacement is being considered. Our landscape vendor will be asked to suggest the type of tree and to provide an estimate. Two other trees were lost at the ...Read more

HOA Board Meeting, July 10, 2023

POSTED July 11, 2023
The Board discussed the recent storm and tornado that caused damage in our community. Actions taken by Board members included coordinating with the Johnson County Emergency Management Agency for delivery and replacement of dumpster when full, and pick up of tree and shrub debris by contractors hired by the county. Additionally, the Board coordinated with ...Read more

Travis Pond Cleanup

POSTED July 5, 2023
Many of our Kensington Grove neighbors, including a representative of the developers of our community who does not live in Kensington Grove, volunteered to come out on July 4th early morning to assist with cleaning debris from the pond located near Travis Road and Coventry Lane. Approximately 16 people, including 4 members of the HOA, ...Read more

HOA Board Meeting, June 5, 2023

POSTED June 6, 2023
The HOA Board of Directors met Monday, June 5, 2023, to review many agenda items. The following are key topics discussed. The central fountain at the roundabout has been repaired and is now operational. There remains additional work to be done in and around the fountain to strengthen its base and fix aging landscape components. ...Read more

HOA Board Meeting May 1, 2023

POSTED May 3, 2023
Several topics were discussed at the HOA Board meeting that was held Monday, May 1st. The Board elected a new president, Terry Cleveland, following the resignation of the existing president. The Board acknowledges and appreciates the contributions made by Larry Mordan and all the years he has served on the Board. Parts for the central ...Read more

HOA Board Meetings Mar 6 & Apr 3, 2023

POSTED April 8, 2023
Your HOA Board met in March and April to discuss a number of business items, among them: Replacement of the central roundabout Bollard light continues to get delayed. The Board recently learned the primary cause of the delay is due to the manufacturer’s timeline for production of the light fixture which is outside of the ...Read more

Your HOA Board Working For You

In this section, we will post activities that your HOA Board has initiated or completed during this calendar year. Your inquiries are always welcomed (email us at board@kensingtongrovehoa.org) and your suggestions are encouraged.

  • Homeowner property improvement requests submitted and reviewed: 9
  • Approved contracts with three different vendors for maintenance of the common areas, irrigation systems, and ponds.
  • Approved the purchase of a new fountain for the Villages pond.
  • The Villages pond fountain has been installed and was turned on.
  • The Stones Crossing pond fountain is also now running.
  • Traffic signs have been repaired. A loose stop sign was fixed. The Chancery Blvd sign at the roundabout has been repaired.
  • An issue was discovered with the Chancery pond fountain electrical wiring. An investigation is underway.
  • Set May 20th for the 2023 Community Sale
  • Approved a contract to clean up Morgantown Road frontage near Travis Road and preliminary brush cleanup has been done.
  • With the assistance of our vendor, the Morgantown Road frontage beautification project will be done in stages due to the complexity of renovating the area.
  • The Chancery Pond was cleaned of windblown debris following a wind storm.
  • Chancery Pond fountain appears to be working again
  • The roundabout fountain required major repair work following damage from a windstorm earlier this year and is now running again.
  • All pond fountains were adjusted so they turn on and off on roughly the same schedule.
  • A vendor has been hired to repair cement curbs and perform tuck point work on the central fountain and entrances where repairs are needed.
  • The Board engaged the assistance of our grounds maintenance vendor to help with debris pick up from the tornado. Within 2 - 3 days, common areas were cleaned.
  • The Board contacted Johnson County Emergency Agency for help with tornado debris cleanup. The County responded with dumpsters and contracted a tree contractor to pick up tree and shrub debris.
  • The Board solicited volunteers from residents of our community to help with cleaning up Travis Road pond.
  • The central roundabout fountain sustained damage again, this time by the tornado. The Board is considering options for repairing or replacing the structure.
  • Morgantown Road frontage south of Chancery Blvd was cleaned of litter.

Community Calendar

Mon, Oct 2 October HOA Board Meeting (Learn more)
Mon, Oct 23 October 2023 Annual Meeting of the KG Homeowners Association (Learn more)
Mon, Nov 13 November HOA Board Meeting (Learn more)
Thu, Nov 16 Kensington Grove Town Hall Meeting (Learn more)
Mon, Dec 4 December HOA Board Meeting (Learn more)
Mon, Jan 8 January HOA Board Meeting (Learn more)
Wed, Jan 31 Annual Assessment Due (Learn more)
Mon, Feb 5 February HOA Board Meeting (Learn more)
Mon, Mar 4 March HOA Board Meeting (Learn more)
Sun, Jun 30 2nd Semi-Annual Assessment Payment Due (Learn more)