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Community News

2023 Budget and BOD Election Results

POSTED February 2, 2023
The results of the 2023 annual meeting voting are as follows: Concerning the 2023 proposed budget, 32% of lot owners voted and 99% of those voters approved the budget. Regarding Board of Director (BOD) elections, 29.5% of lot owners voted to elect the following BOD representatives to a 2 year term: Teri Cleveland (Overlook), Tino ...Read more

HOA Annual Meeting Held Jan 23, 2023

POSTED January 25, 2023
The 2023 HOA Annual Meeting was held Monday, January 23rd at 6:30pm at the White River Township Trustee Office Building across the street from the KG Morgantown entrance. Approximately 30 residents were in attendance. In addition, there were seven board members present. The meeting lasted approximately 2 hours. Larry Mordan, HOA President, presented an overview ...Read more

Neighborhood Pothole Repair

POSTED January 16, 2023
It’s that time of year when streets weakened by age or heavy traffic break down as a result of freezing and thawing during the winter months. To help keep our subdivision looking attractive and inviting, residents are encouraged to contact the Johnson County Highway department at highway@co.johnson.in.us to report potholes. Send one or more photos ...Read more

Dangerous and a Violation of the Covenants

POSTED December 27, 2022
Residents are reminded that there are many dangers when walking onto frozen ponds and even thicken ice does not necessarily mean conditions are safe. In our community, walking onto ponds is in violation of the Covenants & Restrictions (Article III, Section 3). Residents should be mindful of the dangers and the restrictions, especially during this ...Read more

HOA Board Meeting, Dec 5, 2022

POSTED December 6, 2022
It was reported that the Travis Road entrance lights and Christmas lights were out. The Board recalled that this has happened before, and a solution might be to have to lay new wiring. Meanwhile, our landscape vendor was able to restore power to the Christmas lights due to a faulty timer that will be replaced. ...Read more

Street Parking Violations

POSTED November 16, 2022
Complaints have been received by the HOA Board about frequent overnight street parking, particularly one or more vehicles that have been parked on the street for extended periods of time. This is in violation of the covenants (Exhibit D, Section 27) which states: “Vehicles shall be parked only in the garages or in the driveways, ...Read more

HOA Board Meeting, Nov 14, 2022

POSTED November 16, 2022
Your HOA Board met Monday evening, November 14th.  All pond fountains have been removed for winterization. The Board continues to consider what actions to take regarding the Chancery fountain which had stopped working again. The source of the problem has not been determined and will require additional investigation. The fountain for the Villages’ Pond will ...Read more

HOA Board Meeting Sept 12, 2022

POSTED September 20, 2022
Your HOA board met on Monday, September 12th to discuss several topics. Here is a summary of those discussions. The Chancery Pond fountain is now working again. Hopefully, the issue with it has been fixed. POST MEETING NOTE: The fountain stopped working again after a few days. The board will consider future action for both ...Read more

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