HOA Board Meeting, April 1, 2024

HOA Board Meeting, April 1, 2024

The Board of Directors held their monthly meeting, Monday evening, April 1. All Board members were present.

It was announced that a spring newsletter will be published and delivered to local residents beginning Friday and continuing on Saturday. Additionally, a copy of the newsletter will be posted on the website. Due to printing costs, owners will be encouraged to sign up online for website publication alerts. If enough owners sign up, it will be possible to reduce printing costs significantly and man-hours for preparing and delivering the newsletters.

An update on the Chancery Pond fountain was provided. The HOA is waiting for the JCREMC and the electrical contractor to install a replacement meter at the pond. Inclement weather has been hampering getting the job scheduled soon. The fountain control panel has already been changed to digital controllers. It is hoped that by swapping out the old controllers and the electrical meter, that issues with ground fault interrupts will be solved and the fountain can be turned on before May.

Four homeowner property improvement projects were discussed and voted on.

Several Board members will attend a Community Associations Institute educational conference on Saturday, April 20. The conference will cover multiple topics of interest to the Board, one of which is very timely that concerns updating governing documents.

There will also be Board representation at a dinner/seminar given by the HOA attorneys concerning the new federal Corporate Transparency Act that affects HOAs in addition to other corporations and businesses.

The Board will be contacting Johnson County Highway Department in an attempt to learn what is planned at the Morgantown Road entrance. It is understood a stoplight will be installed this summer, but new stakes at the entrance suggest the project will start earlier than expected and the ground will be disturbed, which could damage irrigation lines in the area. Because the area is in the right-of-way, the HOA will be responsible for repairs.

Recently a problem was observed with the Travis pond. The neighbor to the west of the pond spoke with two Board members to report that there was dam leakage around an overflow outlet pipe causing water to flow down a swale behind his property. Apparently, this leakage has been going on for a couple of years and it appears to be getting worse. Leakage is seen even when the pond level is low. The Board will investigate the matter further and have an expert evaluate the issue and recommend a remedy.

The meeting adjourned after one hour. The next Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 6th.