HOA Board Meeting Monday March 4, 2024

HOA Board Meeting Monday March 4, 2024

The Kensington Grove HOA Board of Directors met Monday evening to discuss multiple topics. In a follow up to the Landscape committee’s report last time regarding the Travis Road entrance trees that were lost last year from the tornado, it is recommended that Royal Raindrops Crabapple trees be planted instead of replacing the pine trees with new pine trees. They will provide color and will not grow as large. There is no additional cost to what was budgeted.

The treasurer reported that out of 302 properties, as of March 4th, 12 lot owners are still delinquent in payment of their annual dues after receiving an overdue notice in February. Because late payments are an annual issue that costs the HOA money, the Board voted at a meeting late last year to change the late fee structure beginning with the 2025 dues collection. Details will be announced at the annual meeting later this year. The HOA’s attorney will be consulted to ensure the new fee structure is acceptable.

It was also reported that the projected income for 2024 stands at $180,781 which falls slightly short of the the approved budget of $180,928. Though the HOA currently has a reserve of $80,701, there are some unplanned expenses totaling $8,694 and the possibility of legal expenses related to the ongoing lawsuit that could be significant, should there be an out-of-court settlement this year. Since it is early in the year, there also remains the likelihood of additional unplanned expenses that could cause a worrisome draw down of the reserve.

The Board discussed a complaint about the Travis Road sidewalk. Most lots along Travis Road have been built upon and have installed a public sidewalk. However, one unimproved lot does not have a sidewalk, thus creating a gap that has been problematic for pedestrians. In spite of the inconvenience and potential hazard, the Board noted that there is nothing the HOA can do about obligating the owner to install a sidewalk. It is not a requirement until the lot is improved.

It was suggested that a Spring newsletter be published to update residents on multiple important topics. Less than half of lot owners access the community’s website, so a newsletter is the only other alternative to informing the community of upcoming events and important announcements.

Two Board members attended a Community Associations Institute webinar about HOA governing documents. The webinar was of particular interest given the current effort to update our own Covenants and Bylaws. The presentation included a discussion of the roles and responsibilities of Board members and encouragement to build interest in serving on the Board.

The Board received a property improvement request which was discussed and voted upon in the meeting.

Finally, the Board elected Brooks Chumley as its Vice President, a position that had been vacant since the beginning of the year.

The next meeting of the HOA Board will be Monday, April 1, 2024 at 6:30 p.m. Details are available on the website calendar.