Stoplight at Chancery and Morgantown

Stoplight at Chancery and Morgantown

We received a diagram of the planned work at the intersection of Chancery Blvd and Morgantown Road in preparation for the traffic light installation. A simplified version of the diagram can be seen in Figure 1.

There will be turn lanes added to Chancery and Morgantown which will necessitate widening Morgantown Road. Kensington Grove will lose some ground in the Morgantown Road right-of-way just south of Chancery Blvd due to the widening. Chancery Blvd will not have to be widened.

A pedestrian crosswalk will be added across Chancery Blvd just east of the present crosswalk. The new crossing will require new sidewalk installation and removal of the present crosswalk.

Another crosswalk will start at the northwest corner of Morgantown Road and Chancery Blvd and cross Morgantown Road to Pennington Road at the northeast corner.

Construction is not expected to start until after the current school year.