Travis Pond Cleanup

Travis Pond Cleanup

Many of our Kensington Grove neighbors, including a representative of the developers of our community who does not live in Kensington Grove, volunteered to come out on July 4th early morning to assist with cleaning debris from the pond located near Travis Road and Coventry Lane.

Approximately 16 people, including 4 members of the HOA, worked together for two hours pulling tree limbs from the water and picking up debris from the shoreline. Woody debris had to be dragged and piled next to Travis Road and other debris carried to nearby dumpsters.

This project was important not only for aesthetic reasons, but to protect turtles and fish living in and around the pond from consuming potentially toxic debris.

Each volunteer deserves a huge thanks and appreciation for their time, dedication and effort under difficult conditions.

Below are a few photos taken at the event. The group photo includes only a few of the many that participated in the cleanup.