HOA Board Meeting, June 5, 2023

HOA Board Meeting, June 5, 2023

The HOA Board of Directors met Monday, June 5, 2023, to review many agenda items. The following are key topics discussed.

The central fountain at the roundabout has been repaired and is now operational. There remains additional work to be done in and around the fountain to strengthen its base and fix aging landscape components.

The Community Sale was deemed a success given the popularity of the event and accompanying traffic.  The Board is interested in feedback to make the event even better. Trash left behind in the common areas was picked up.

Landscaping along Morgantown Road just south of the Morgantown Road entrance to Kensington Grove will be an ongoing project performed in stages. The sloped ground is a challenge due to the growth that has existed there for many years. The Board is working closely with our vendor to ensure the beautification project is a success.

A vendor has been approved to begin work on repairing street curb where needed and tuck point repair of masonry in addition to a few other related projects.

The Board agreed that a newsletter should be sent out soon to all homeowners covering multiple topics including notifying everyone that work on revising and updating the 20-year-old Covenance is proceeding. The plan is to hold a townhall meeting later this year to explain the changes and provide homeowners with an opportunity to give feedback. As soon as the final draft is ready, it will be posted on our website for homeowners to review prior to the townhall meeting.

The Board is moving forward with a plan to hold the Annual Meeting in October instead of January to separate budget discussion and election of Board members from the annual Assessment drive which will continue to be in January.