HOA Board Meeting, July 10, 2023

The Board discussed the recent storm and tornado that caused damage in our community. Actions taken by Board members included coordinating with the Johnson County Emergency Management Agency for delivery and replacement of dumpster when full, and pick up of tree and shrub debris by contractors hired by the county.

Additionally, the Board coordinated with our grounds maintenance vendor for assistance with clearing common areas and landscape easements. The vendor also serviced their customers in our community by removing storm debris.

A volunteer group from our community was organized by the Board and the Travis Road pond was cleared of debris. The Board sends its heartfelt thanks to all those who participated.

It was felt that the Board’s actions in the aftermath of the storm were appropriate, timely and well received by many neighbors who were hardest hit, and that there was little more that could have been done to improve the Board’s response.

The central fountain at the roundabout continues to be problematic. There was wind damage to the top in early spring that was repaired. That was followed by damage from the recent storm to the same section which in turn caused further damage to the structure as it toppled. Additionally, due to the proximity of the tornado, the fountain structure appears to have been shifted off center. There may also be an issue with the supporting foundation that will need to be addressed.

All the above issues regarding the central fountain are being investigated and assessed. The Board will evaluate the cost of repairs versus a replacement. Filing an insurance claim is being considered.

The roundabout bollard light fixture finally arrived and has been installed. The HOA incurred additional expense due to damage to the base by an errant driver before the light could be installed.

The Board discussed publishing future newsletters on an as-needed basis to disseminate important announcements. Though the Kensington Grove website serves as our primary communication tool, many homeowners still have not accessed it. Newsletters are expensive to print, so distributing them on an as-needed basis seems to be the best course of action.

Revisions to the covenants are being shared with our attorney for legal opinion. The publication schedule for review by homeowners is not yet finalized. The Board will announce the schedule once it is determined.

The annual meeting is being moved up from its usual January timing to October. Several factors necessitate moving the date, not the least of which is the intense workload preparing for the meeting while assessments are mailed out, payments are processed, and votes on the budget and Board membership are collected and counted. Separating the annual meeting from mailing and processing assessments will make both events easier. (POST MEETING NOTE: The Annual Meeting date is scheduled to be held on Monday, October 23, 2023.)

Annual assessment invoices will continue to go out and be due in January.