Street Parking Violations

Complaints have been received by the HOA Board about frequent overnight street parking, particularly one or more vehicles that have been parked on the street for extended periods of time. This is in violation of the covenants (Exhibit D, Section 27) which states: “Vehicles shall be parked only in the garages or in the driveways, if any, serving the Lots. Parking (of automobiles only) is allowed on dedicated streets only when an Owner has a social function and the invited guests will not be able to park on such Owner’s Lot. No overnight parking shall be permitted on any dedicated street.”

Residents are reminded to be mindful of the restrictions in the covenants. Overnight street parking is not permitted at any time, and it becomes an increasing concern in the winter as it will impede clearing snow from the streets, not to mention the increased possibility of damage to parked vehicles from the snowplows.

Concerned residents can call the Johnson County Sheriff’s office (317-346-6336) if they observe a vehicle parked on the street for multiple days. The Sheriff’s department will tag the vehicle and the owner will have 72 hours to remove it from the street or risk having their vehicle towed.