HOA Board Meeting Aug 7, 2023

On Monday, Aug 7, the HOA Board of Directors met and discussed several topics of importance. The Travis Road entrance lost two large trees to June’s tornado. Replacement is being considered. Our landscape vendor will be asked to suggest the type of tree and to provide an estimate. Two other trees were lost at the southwest corner of Kensington Grove next to Travis Road. Those trees have been removed and will not be replaced.

The Board is interested in enhancing the landscape easement to the south of the Morgantown Road entrance. Now that area is mostly tree roots with weeds returning and some dirt. An inexpensive, yet low maintenance solution is being sought. One possible choice could be a non-climbing variety of ivy.

A vendor completed power washing the stonework at the entrances and they look much better. Additional work will be needed to prune back the trees overhanging the stonework at the Morgantown Road entrance.

The Board has moved their email system to a reputable vendor to better serve the Board’s needs. Since implementing new HOA email accounts earlier this year with a free service, it proved inadequate and problematic. The cost of the vendor is justifiable given the need for consistent deliverability, centralized email handling and email retention.

The Board has also adopted new policies and procedures to promote consistency from year to year, from one Board to the next. Centralized document storage and handling of homeowner inquiries are focal points of the new policies.

Revisions to the Covenants & Restrictions document have been completed. The final draft has been sent to the HOA attorney for review and finalization. The plan is to keep the discussion and review process by homeowners separate from the annual meeting, which is scheduled on Monday, October 23. The likely timing for presentation of key changes and open discussion of the revised Covenants is in November 2023.

With the annual meeting moved to October, the Board is beginning preparations. Yard signs have been ordered to announce the meeting date. A flyer will be distributed in early September also announcing the date and urging volunteers to apply for the 2024 Board. In early October, a packet will be mailed to all lot owners with information about the meeting, the proposed budget, and ballots to approve the proposed budget and elect candidates to the Board of Directors.

Lastly, it was suggested that the central common area could use some new trees to help beautify the area and to replace dead and dying trees that have had to be removed. Consideration is being given to this idea and an estimate will be sought from our landscape vendor. The area along the east side of the commons is thought to be most suitable in order to retain the large open area to the west and to provide a natural screen for adjoining properties.