HOA Board Meetings, Sep 11 & Oct 2, 2023

The following is a summary of the September and October Board meetings.

Our vendor for street signs has repaired and replaced several damaged sign posts, so all signs should be in good working condition now.

The central roundabout fountain’s new top was ordered and will be shipped to our landscape vendor for installation. We are all looking forward to having the central fountain repaired and operational again.

The Board is looking into the cost to change the mechanical timer/controller for the Chancery Pond fountain and lights to a digital one. Intermittent power outages are frustrating in that the timers must be reset and power often restored, sometimes once, even twice a day. The source of the power outages still has not been determined, but a digital controller with battery backup similar to the other ponds should maintain the time of day and on/off schedule that is programmed into it.

The Morgantown Road easement south of Chancery Blvd was discussed. It came to the attention of the Board that Johnson County Highway Department has their sights on Morgantown Road for a widening project, along with other projects that are I-69 related. Traffic has been increasing to the point where widening is seen as a remedy. Timing and funding of the project is still very much in question, however.

In light of the future for Morgantown Road, the Board has decided to minimize investment in enhancing the appearance of our frontage since the county has a 65 foot right-of-way from the center of the road. Discussion has centered on removal of unsightly underbrush and vines, and dead material. Some type of low maintenance ground cover is being considered. If there are any trees that require removal, Johnson County Highway Department will take care of removing them at no cost to the HOA.

It was noted that there are at least two instances where cars are regularly being parked overnight on the street in clear violation of the Covenants. Owners will be notified.

The final draft of the revised Covenants was approved at the October Board meeting. The website should be updated by late October to provide lot owners with a copy to review. In addition, a summary document highlighting the major differences from the original Covenants will be provided to make the comparison easier. Both the website and summary document are expected to launch soon after the Annual Meeting.

With respect to the updated Covenants, it was reaffirmed that Thursday, November 13th, will be the date for the Town Hall to discuss the changes with lot owners. In addition, lot owners will have an opportunity to review and comment online regarding the new Covenants during the two to three weeks leading up to the Town Hall. It was decided that the deadline for voting on the Covenants will be Friday, November 20th.