Proposed New Version of the Covenants & Restrictions

The original Covenants & Restrictions were recorded with Johnson County on June 6, 2002, more than twenty years ago. The document was prepared for and by the developers of Kensington Grove and, to this day, the document still contains many references to them that no longer apply. In addition, the needs of our community have evolved and the state of Indiana has passed new ordinances impacting HOAs that need to be accounted for in our document.

With the above in mind, your Board of Directors began a detailed review of the Covenants & Restrictions and worked closely with an attorney who specializes in HOAs and who has consulted with Indiana’s legislature to promote fair and just laws that affect HOAs and homeowners who are part of an HOA. The referenced document is a result of that process.

Your Review Is Important

Though your Board has spent countless hours reviewing and revising the document, and taking into account community needs, you might not agree with some of the provisions, or you might feel that the Board has overlooked a topic of importance to you. This is your chance to provide feedback. If enough people have similar input, it might impact the final version.

We will anonymously publish some of the feedback on this page.

The Document

Here is the document: Covenants & Restrictions (new version)

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    As feedback is received, it will be reviewed and combined with other similar feedback and published here anonymously along with the Board’s or the attorney’s response, if needed.