AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: New Covenants Letters Sent To All Lot Owners

On Tuesday morning, October 24, letters were mailed to all Kensington Grove lot owners. The letter contains very important information concerning the new Covenants. In it you will find a list of proposed changes and a link to a web page containing key documents that are available for your review. The web page is password-protected. You will find the password in your the letter.

The key documents on the web page include: (1) Summary of Key Changes; (2) The New, Proposed Covenants; and, (3) The Original 2002 Covenants showing all the changes in red.


It is a requirement of the current Covenants that 75% of lot owners (or 227 lot owners), must vote to approve amending the Covenants. That is a huge challenge and it will require nearly all lot owners to participate.

One important issue that can negatively affect property values in Kensington Grove concerns the fact that a few corporations, most located out of state, are purchasing property for investment and leasing them. A provision in the newly proposed covenants would ban corporate leasing of properties in Kensington Grove.

Your help is desperately needed. Help the Board to encourage everyone to vote.

Thursday, November 16th at 6:30pm., there will be a Town Hall at the White River Trustee’s Office on Morgantown Road to discuss any questions you might still have.

The deadline for voting is November 16.