HOA Board Meetings Mar 6 & Apr 3, 2023

HOA Board Meetings Mar 6 & Apr 3, 2023

Your HOA Board met in March and April to discuss a number of business items, among them:

Replacement of the central roundabout Bollard light continues to get delayed. The Board recently learned the primary cause of the delay is due to the manufacturer’s timeline for production of the light fixture which is outside of the vendor’s control.

The Board had discussions with a custom concrete vendor regarding repair of multiple areas in the community and requested a revised estimate. There are funds available to cover this project.

Damage to the central roundabout fountain by high winds in February were assessed and the cost for repairs were approved. The vendor will begin repairs as soon as parts are received.

An option to pay the annual assessment online was approved and it has been added to the website. A service fee will be added to the payment to cover the cost to the HOA.

With interest rates on the rise, the Board is considering putting some funds in short term CDs that might not be needed until late in the year. However, issues around the solvency of a few banks have given the Board pause on moving forward with the idea. It is currently on hold pending further assessment.

Revision of the Covenants & Restrictions, announced at the annual meeting in January, is in progress. The Board is targeting summer to share the revised document and to provide homeowners with a period for comments before placing it up for vote and ratification. The current C&R is in need of updating.

Clearing of the easement along Morgantown has been completed and looks better. The Board is considering options about that space to make it more presentable.