HOA Board Meeting Sept 12, 2022

Your HOA board met on Monday, September 12th to discuss several topics. Here is a summary of those discussions.

  • The Chancery Pond fountain is now working again. Hopefully, the issue with it has been fixed. POST MEETING NOTE: The fountain stopped working again after a few days. The board will consider future action for both this fountain and the one in the Villages.
  • A replacement for the damaged Bollard light at the central roundabout will be purchased and installed.
  • The three new streetlights along Travis Road have been a welcomed addition.  It was noted that the east end near the intersection with Morgantown Road is dark. In light of new homes being built in the vicinity, there was discussion about considering the addition of one or two more streetlights. No decision was made.
  • It was noted that there is erosion on the north end of the Stones Crossing Pond. A quote will be sought to repair the area.
  • Center Grove Schools plan to build a Wellness Center adjacent to Kensington Grove on Morgantown Road. There was concern about the drainage from the proposed structure and its parking lot which could add significant burden to nearby properties and an existing retention pond. A representative of the HOA board met with the planners and, as a result, there will be modifications to their plans to redirect drainage away from the adjacent properties.

It has been brought to the attention of The Board that golf carts are becoming increasingly common on our neighborhood streets. Frequently, they are driven by underage and unlicensed persons and do not always follow rules of the road for vehicles.

According to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, golf carts are not permitted on any roadway in Johnson County outside of city limits where different ordinances may exist. Kensington Grove is outside of Greenwood city limits and thus subject to County ordinances.