HOA Board Meeting, November 6, 2023

HOA Board Meeting, November 6, 2023

The KG Board of Directors met Monday, November 6, 2023 to review the results of the Annual Meeting and to discuss several business items.

Two developer lots remain on hold pending a closing date. When the lots close, 15 developer lots will remain, and 287 lots will have been sold.

The result of the annual elections is as follows: 55 ballots were submitted (representing only 18% participation by KG lot owners). 29% of the ballots were mailed in, 53% of the ballots were cast online and 18% were submitted at the Annual Meeting. Ninety-three percent of the ballots approved the budget for 2024. Alisa Rayel was re-elected to the Board by unanimous vote of the Overlook residents.

After the Annual Meeting, several residents expressed a desire to serve on a landscape committee to bring forth some new ideas for the beautification of Kensington Grove. The Board discussed the merits of the request and approved the formation of a Landscape Committee. The interested residents will be contacted before the end of this year.

The Board reviewed a recent JCREMC billing to better understand the listing of charges received. Understanding what equipment is attached to the various meters will help improve management of the equipment. Should a charge seem out of line, the responsible equipment can be identified and the situation handled quickly and appropriately.

The Board discussed the variety of mailbox numbers being used in the neighborhood. The original intent was to have a uniform appearance, but over the years, homeowners have replaced worn out numbers with store bought versions in various fonts and styles instead of the approved numbers from our vendor. One possible reason for store bought numbers may be the price charged by our vendor for a set of numbers. Store bought numbers are cheaper. Another reason is convenience, not having to place an order, then wait for delivery. The Board is looking for another vendor who might be able to supply numbers at a lower cost.

Three homeowner property improvement applications were reviewed and approved.

A proposal was made to modify the approval process to expedite handling requests that simply wish to repair or replace existing material with the same material, such as what would be the case when there is storm damage. The Board approved the change.