Fall 2023 Annual Meeting held Oct 23, 2023

Monday evening, October 23, over 40 homeowners attended the first fall Annual Meeting held in the White River Trustee’s Office on Morgantown Road. In addition to members of the Board, Tom Murray, senior partner of Eads Murray & Pugh, P.C. and Kensington Grove HOA’s attorney, was also in attendance.

Terry Cleveland, President, presided over the meeting and reviewed the year’s challenges and accomplishments, and shared the Board’s vision for 2024. Chuck Rivera, Treasurer, discussed the financial status of the HOA in light of 2023 expenses and presented the Board’s budget proposal for 2024.

A copy of the presentations can be seen here. Please note that the linked presentation is an updated version of Monday’s presentation. The updated version includes the latest financial figures and the most up to date status of lots sold versus those still being held by the developers. The data shown differs somewhat from the information packet that was prepared and mailed about one month ago.

During the question and answer period, several covenants-related topics were discussed, among them rental property in Kensington Grove. A few corporations, some located out of state, are purchasing property for investment and leasing them. A provision in the updated, proposed covenants would ban corporate leasing of properties in Kensington Grove.

Another question concerned the presence of trash cans in front of several homes that are an eye-sore. Both the current and proposed covenants prohibit the storage of trash cans where they are visible from the street.

It was announced at the meeting that an informational letter concerning the updated Covenants and a ballot will be mailed to all lot owners on Tuesday, October 24. Please watch for this important piece of communication.