Villages and Chancery Pond Fountain Updates

Recently it was reported that the fountain light on the Villages pond was not working. The pond vendor was contacted to investigate after two board members surveyed the situation. The fountain light was removed for repair but no problem was found. The vendor is now focusing on the cable connecting the lights to the power.

The Chancery pond fountain was installed a few weeks ago at the same time as the other fountains. A new digital controller for the fountain and its lights was installed as well as new breaker switches. The HOA is currently waiting on REMC to install a new power meter. It is hoped that with all new electrical parts, fountain operation will be trouble free this year.

Updated 5/3/2024
Power has been restored to Chancery pond fountain, however it seems there may still be an issue. The fountain runs for a time, then stops. Testing is in progress. It is a mystery as to why this fountain has had so many problems over the past two or three years where the other two run fine. No one has found the source yet.