Update on Trash Pick Up

After meeting with the Johnson County Emergency Management director, it was decided that several dumpsters will be placed in the areas hardest hit by the tornado. Additionally, county wood chippers will come through on occasion to take care of tree branches and other wood debris. You are asked to try your best to separate wood from other debris.

The dumpsters are for storm related debris. No electronics or other hazardous materials are permitted in the dumpsters.

When a dumpster is full, please let the Board know (board@kensingtongrovehoa.org) so we can arrange to have it replaced with a new one.

Volunteers will be coming into our community to assist with putting items in the dumpsters in the event you are unable to do it yourself.

Regarding the Travis Road pond, our common areas vendor has offered to use his people and equipment to clean up whatever they can. They will not clean up lots bordering on the pond. The HOA is paying for this service.