Thursday 6/29 Update

Primary Grounds deserves a huge shout out for their contributions in helping us clean up our neighborhood! They have gone above and beyond using their crew and equipment to clear lots and homeowner properties. Please extend them a warm thanks if you have a chance.

We will assess the neighborhood later today and decide how much outside help, if any, we will need from the county to pick up the remaining debris. They were planning to send volunteers tomorrow, Friday, weather permitting.

Homeowners who still have brush and tree limbs in their yards are encouraged to get them moved curbside or along Travis Road, depending on location. We are hoping wood chipping crews will come next week sometime. If you are unable to move the debris, let us know ( We might be able to get a few volunteers to help.

If you have other storm debris (not trees, bushes) still in your yard, now is the time to get it moved to the curb if you are unable to put them in a nearby dumpster.

Every little bit helps. Except for a lot of downed trees and limbs in the hardest hit areas, we are getting close with the cleanup. It’s been inspirational how our neighborhood has come together to help those who need help the most.