Storm Debris Update, Monday July 3

Johnson County Emergency Management has contracted SavATree to pick up woody debris comprised of tree limbs, brush and shrubs. Those are items that can go through a wood chipper. Woody debris must be placed curbside for pick up.

SavATree will pass through a only a couple more times to pick it up.

Johnson County has also supplied dumpsters for residents to use for construction debris, shingles and other storm-related debris that are not from trees and shrubs.

Unless you have arranged with your insurance company to have storm-related debris picked up, it is your responsibility to put the debris in the dumpsters or they will not be picked up.

IMPORTANT: All dumpsters except at Travis Road will be removed later this week, possibly starting as early as Wednesday!!


  • Corner of Aldersgate Drive & Chancery Blvd
  • Corner of Nottinghill Way and Nottinghill Court
  • Cromwell Court cul-de-sac
  • Intersection of Travis Road and Coventry Lane