Looking for A Few Good People. Deadline Nears!

HOA Board of Directors will have several vacancies for 2024. The Board is anxiously looking for some volunteers to serve on the Board and the deadline for applying is this Friday. If you love our community and love working with people, then consider spending one evening each month serving your community.

HOAs have gotten bad press in the news and perhaps that has held you back. This HOA is not like the few “bad apples” you may have heard or read about.

Our Board is made up of volunteers, your neighbors, not a management company. The Board is just as interested as you in keeping up the value of our property and beautifying the neighborhood. 99.9% of the Board’s interaction with homeowners has been very amicable, professional and considerate. We want to keep it that way.

If you can spare a few hours each month, please apply NOW! The deadline for applications for next year’s Board is this Friday, September 22. Check the September Newsletter for details, or better yet, read the details and apply right here and now. Visit www.kensingtongrovehoa.org/apply.

We all thank you.