Annual HOA Meeting, Monday Oct 23, 2023

After Labor Day weekend, Kensington Grove lot owners should expect a newsletter delivered to your mailbox.

The newsletter will contain important information about the upcoming annual meeting which will be held in October this year as opposed to January, which had been the time for the meeting in the past. The meeting date is Monday, October 23, 2023. Please save this date and plan to attend.

The annual assessment will still be due in January. That has not changed.

The newsletter will also ask for candidates for the Board of Directors since there will be several open positions. Please consider applying. The Board welcomes persons interested in helping to maintain and enhance our community.

The newsletter will also contain important information pertaining to the updated and revised Covenants and the timeline for its review. It is planned to share a copy of the revised document after the annual meeting and to provide a period for review and comment.

A townhall meeting to discuss key provisions in the document will be held Thursday, November 13, 2023. Save this date as well!